Make Your Job Search a Success Story

I have been a professional resume writer for 22 years and 7,000+ clients: executives, military, students, and one Klingon. My clients represent nearly every profession you can name. I am a published expert on resumes for military transition and healthcare careers. Other specialties include: sales, information technology, pharmaceutical and medical, biotechnology, education, government, defense, and aerospace.

I have been featured on CNN, AOL News, and other national television and radio programs for some of my more unusual cases, including resume writing for two members of the world’s oldest profession. Please note: they paid me with checks, not trade.

I offer proven strategies to sell your strengths, whether you are a student trying to launch your career, an established professional seeking the next step up, military transitioning to civilian life, or a Fortune 100 executive near the top of your field.

If you need a new resume, an update to your existing resume, an effective online presence, or advice about a specific issue, I am the one to help you. Call me at (619) 316-3439 to write the next chapter of your success story.

Robert Dagnall, Resume Guru